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APM Aluminium is committed to providing a wide range of quality machining for our customers. By using the latest technologies and applying strict quality control procedures, we’ve become known for having the best products in the industry. Take a look at what services we currently can provide for your needs.

CNC photo.jpeg


Our CNC Machine is capable of processing aluminium extrusion up to 6.5 metres in length.The precision processing can be used in a wide variety of industries. These industries include the likes of domestic & commercial construction, marine, solar /energy industry, truck & trailer manufacturing etc.

CNC Drilling.jpeg


Our precision drilling machine can provide a wide range of services for a wide range of industries and according to your needs. The precision process is ideal for slotting, penetrating metal, marking, fixing points and cut outs.



Our cutting service has the capability of cutting various types of hard and soft metals, composites and laminates etc. It's designed for cutting all types of materials with very minimal structural deformation.

Aluminium welding .jpeg


We also offer a professional Aluminium welding service to assist customers with fabrication needs.

CNC tapping .jpeg


Tapping is the process of cutting thread inside a hole to accommodate a specific screw or bolt thread. With our CNC machine, this service is available.

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